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The simple form, without any unnecessary adornments, lending itself to a function: a bowl for the food, a cup for the water. A pot with a handle protects the user’s hand against the heat of the tea. The lid keeps the heat in the pot.

Occasionally a maker scratches his story into the clay. The simple form is ancient and merely improvable. No trend or fashion can alter it for good. Recognizing real esthetic, one will not need any more in life but this simplicity determining the human dimension and providing a moment of serenity. Esthetic, simplicity and function are omnivalent and can be found in living craftmanship cherished anywhere in the world. Design in terms of working with clay only starts with throwing and mounting. In the end it is the fusion of form, glaze and fire. Even here it cannot be any simpler. Such as the pot itself is made from soil, water and fire, so the glaze is. Some of my glaze recipes are based on ancient traditions. I also develop rough and irregular surfaces to alienate the haptic or optic quality of a piece, simplicity and imperfection.

Finally, I must hand my creations over to the fire like all potters ever did. Between 1240 to 1280°C, the fire will finish the process within 30 hours. After a long stoke and cooling period the kiln can be opened….

Since 2006 I have been busy with ceramics. After a having studied and worked in communication and media a study in interior design followed. Finally, my focus turned to the indispensable detail in almost any interior: ceramics. Two people had a major influence during this process, Rob Muylaert and Bep van Eijndhoven. Rob made me throw, Bep made me eat.  Allover they provided me with knowledge, tips and tricks of the profession. They took me to the markets, workshops, events and acquainted me to colleagues. The path was paved. An apprenticeship in pottery followed and in 2016 I established my workshop. In May 2019 I finished my studies of applied sciences in ceramics at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven.